Needs Specification & Assessment Market Mapping Short Listing Interview & Assessment Offer Management & Negotiation New Hire Evaluation
Needs Specification & Assessment

We will meet the client to determine the position required, job description, cultural demands, competency profiles, "Ideal Candidate" specification and project strategy.

  1. 1) Proposal
  2. 2) Requirements Profile
  3. 3) Search Strategy
Market Mapping

Based on our understanding of the requirements, we will canvass our vast database of candidates across specific sectors, engage with our network of contacts, and advertise for the position (at the request of the client).

  1. Target companies and executives
Short Listing

We will contact all the candidates, screen and evaluate them as to their motivations, goals, remuneration expectations and cultural fit. We will then shortlist them based on the needs and "Ideal Candidate" specification. Propreitary assessments may also be conducted (if they have not been conducted prior).

  1. 1) Shortlisted CVs, executive summaries and expected remuneration
  2. 2) Candidate assessment report
Interview & Assessment

We will engage and liaise with the client and the shortlisted candidates to facilitate the interviews and ensure that feedback is expediently managed. At Effectus, we understand that communication at this stage has to be handled professionally, with courtesy and decorum to safeguard the brand image of our clients. A reference check may be conducted (subject to the agreed project strategy outlined by the client).

  1. 1) Selected Candidate
  2. 2) Reference check report (optional)
Offer Management & Negotiation

We will act as a liaison for any issues arrising from verbal and written offers, and employment contracts. We will assist the client and the selected hire during the mobilisation period, prior to the start of employment.

  1. 1) Job offer
  2. 2) Signed employment contract
  3. 3) Candidate starts work
New Hire Evaluation

We will maintain regular contact with the client and the new hire to ease the integration process. Subject to the initial project specification by the client, we will replace the candidate in the rare occassion of a poor fit.