Geographical Information System (GIS)

Solution Description

Forward-thinking companies today are reaping the benefits of mapping their business activities.

We are able to integrate business intelligence(BI), customer relationship management(CRM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), enterprise asset management(EAM), real estate planning, field work management, risk management and operational awareness into one unified system.

• Using DS GIS software to explore the fundamental principles of geography

• Using DS GIS to keep inventory,analyse, and manage global infrastructures.

• Creating maps to reveal statistics and content stored in databases.

• Making better decisions by asking questions such as where, how, and why the location of the data is significant.


Managine Geographically

Improved Allocation of Resources and Planning

Improved Transparency for Citizen Engagement

Instantaneous Collaboration Through the Cloud

Cost Savings from Greater Efficiency

Improved Communication

Better Decision Making

Better Record Keeping

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